Dr. Gülcan Usal

Dr. Gülcan Usal was born in Nuremberg, Germany.

She completed her primary education in Nuremberg and her high school education at the Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium in Munich.
From 2006 to 2011, she studied at the faculty of dentistry at the University of Leipzig, which has the title of Germany’s first and oldest Faculty of Dentistry, and graduated as a Dentist in 2011.

She settled in Istanbul, which she loved so much, in 2012 and worked first at Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, and then at a private clinic in Nişantaşı.

She has been working in her own clinic in Nişantaşı since 2018. Dr. Gülcan Usal Clinic has international accreditation as a Slow Dentistry approved clinic. Slow Dentistry clinics are the safest clinics in the world. They are recognised as a reliable, superior dental clinic, where patients can breathe easy, knowing they are in great hands.

Dr. Gülcan Usal has also developed aromatherapy oral care products with the well-known Aromatherapy brand „Homemade Aromaterapi“. The oral care line, which includes toothpaste and mouthwash formulated with all-natural ingredients, has been successfully sold in some pharmacies, stores and online since 2020.

Even after she moved to Turkey, she continued the German school she grew up in by attending many seminars, courses and trainings, especially in Germany.

Some of the certificates she has also acquired:

– “Botox and Dermal Fillers” (Knightsbridge Academy London)

– Aesthetic Dentistry

– “Sedation anesthesia” (IFZL – Institute of Dental Sedation / Germany)

– “Curriculum Implantologie” (DGZI – German Dental Implantology Society)

– “SMART – Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal Technique” (IAOMT – International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)

In addition to preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry, functional dentistry such as jaw joint disorders (CMD – Craniomandibular disorders) and biological dentistry such as safe amalgam / mercury filling removal technique (SMART) are the main fields of her practice.

Dr. Gülcan Usal is fluent in German, Turkish and English.

Esthetic Treatments

Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneer is a very fine porcelain, which may be adhered only to the front surfaces of your teeth, if you are not content with the esthetic appearance of your teeth.

It may be implemented either without, or with the least tooth enamel corrosion, depending to the respective case.

İstanbul Diş Beyazlatma


If you are not content with the color of your teeth that has appeared upon cleaning your teeth from all sorts of stains, Bleaching process may be applicable. You may have your tooth color bleached from 2 to 8 tones. It is effective for 2 years, if accompanied by proper oral health care and routine controls. This process has no harm on the tooth.


We implement the Botox application esthetically in cases of gummy smile (show of too much gingival while smiling), lip asymmetry, and for removing the wrinkles around the lips.

It is also implemented as treatment-oriented in combination with transparent dental guide for tooth clenching (bruxism) complaints.

Porselen Dolgu Nedir?

Porcelain Fillings (Inlay/Onlay)

We prefer porcelain filling for teeth with greater tissue loss in order to avoid the fracture of such teeth. We may generally prepare the tooth, take digital measures (CAD/CAM), and adhere the porcelain filling a couple of hours all within the same session.


Diş Taşı temizliği

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Tartar is a bacterial plaque, which arises from inadequate oral health care, and gets solidified by the Calcium in the saliva within our mouth.

Tooth surface is cleaned from tartar, and polished by the dentist by means of specialized hand tools at the scaling sessions customized to the patient.

The stains on the teeth, which are caused by external factors (such as tea, coffee, smoking, etc.), are also removed throughout this process.



Periodontology (Gingival Diseases)

Gingival diseases may arise from tartar, systemic diseases, pregnancy, smoking, or due to the medicines taken in:

–   Gingivitis  is the early stage of gingival infection, and may be cured generally by means of proper treatment and oral health care. Gingivitis is diagnosed by swollen, rash, and easily bleeding gingiva.


İstanbul Ortodonti Tedavisi

Filling (Composite)

Composite fillings are preferred for the teeth with slight tooth tissue loss.

It may be applicable for the old fillings and tooth surfaces that are cracked, having lost their esthetics and functions, or decayed.

Both the tooth surface is prepared, and the tooth is filled in with the composite material in a single session.

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Root canal treatment, which is implemented in too deep decays, or in tooth root infections, involves the removal of the nerves and veins that feed the tooth, and their replacement with the filling material.

Following this process, although the tooth remains in the mouth as it was before, however it does not feel cold or hot since it is not vital.


Dentures, which are made in cases of greater tooth tissue loss, or of missing teeth, are divided into two as being removable (moving, i.e. total denture) and irremovable (fixed, i.e. crown, bridge, etc.) dentures.

Any type of denture you would like may be implemented in consideration of your current tooth and bone structures.


Implant is either a titanium or porcelain screw, which is inserted in the jawbone in order to fill the gap(s) that arise(s) due to tooth/teeth loss. Fixed or moving Denture may be implemented thereunto.

Bruksizm Tedavisi

Clenching of the Teeth (Bruxism)

This is described as one’s involuntary clenching or grinding of his/her teeth mostly while sleeping at nights, or while going through stressful times. You may not only feel pain in your cheeks, jaw joint, and also head/neck ache when you wake up in the morning, this may further lead to cracks, corrosions, and fractures in your teeth.


Digital Dentistry

CAD /CAM (Digital Impression)

CAD/ CAM (Computer aided design / Computer aided manufacturing) consists of digital scanning, designing, and production. Instead of the conventional materials taking measure inside the mouth, 3D display of your teeth may be taken within seconds..


3D Volumetric Tomography

3D Volumetric Tomography is utilized for detailed imaging and sensitive measurement of teeth, bones, and soft tissues.

The most suitable treatment may be planned for the related patient by combining the said displays with those received from CAD/CAM.


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